Testimonial #2

If you are looking to get away from it all, THIS is the property for you. Seriously, it is the most gorgeous location — about 2 km from the next nearest house and has beautiful views of the ocean. This cottage is one of a collection of four homes on the property. It is next to two other houses and the final cottage is down by the water. No one was in the two cottages next to us so we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves (minus some workers renovating one of the cottages). Shared amenities include a laundry room in the back of one cabin, a beach, grill, trails and a gazebo with lawn games. The on-site property manager was very nice and responsive. This particular cottage had a huge bedroom in the turret and a small balcony. It was a very cool room. If you are looking for something that feels brand new, be aware that some parts of the cottage feel older (i.e. doors that didn’t quite close right) while other aspects (such as the bathrooms) seemed very modern. Overall, we weren’t there for the indoor space as much as the outdoor space, and it did not disappoint. I ate my breakfast watching a bald eagle in a tree one day and a bunny enjoying the beautifully landscaped flowers on the next day, HIGHLY recommended for anyone who wants to check out of the rat race for a few days.

Dave Jones - The Seabeach Chateau

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